Research priorities and resources

The CRECOI has identified 3 Research Priority areas.

1.Clinical quality registries

CRECOI has the capabilities in the area of clinical quality registry development and management which is based around our extensive experience in large scale data management and bio-statistical analyses. Key cardiovascular registries associated with CRECOI investigators include:

ANZSCTS: The Australian and New Zealand Society of Cardiac and Thoracic Surgeons database

VCOR: Victorian Cardiac Outcomes Registry

MIG:  Melbourne Interventional Group

ACOR: Australasian Cardiac Outcomes Registry

REACH: Reduction of atherothrombosis for continued health

CRECOI fund access and facilitate analysis of CQR data via the provision of access to SURE secure data access portal.


2. Translational Research

Our translational research activates focus around developing strategies to enhance the uptake of cost-effectiveness evidence based management of cardiovascular disease across the continuum. CRECOI is keen to establish capabilities to lead and support cardiac translational research.

Key areas if research include:

  1. Patient reported outcomes
  2. Cost effectiveness of therapies
  3. Record linkage studies

3. Cardiovascular clinical trials

CRECOI capabilities in the area of clinical trials is based on the extensive experience in large scale clinical outcome trials. CRECOI is keen to develop a capability in randomized registry trials linking clinical trials and registry expertise. CRECOI provide financial support to clinical trials via CRECOI clinical trial infrastructure grants.